Cover story: The Road to Digital Transformation

We talk about digital transformation, and how all companies have to take the plunge to digitalise at least part of their businesses, processes or products. But the experts are less forthcoming on what it is that companies actually need to do to effect this digital transformation.

In this feature, we’ll try to get more specific and spell out the steps that companies need to take; what systems, processes and technologies they should be looking at; and how they’ll know if they are on the right track – or not.


Feature: Sustainable solutions – solar and other options

In South Africa, power is either a feast or famine situation. We’ve gone from the crisis of too little electricity in 2008 to the very real situation of an over-supply in 2017. But don’t feel that you wasted your money on those solar powers and inverters – you may still have very good use for them. Because an electricity oversupply is just as much of a problem for users because the cost of energy has to go up to pay for the new generating infrastructure.

Meanwhile, carbon tax is still a real possibility; while good corporate governance calls on organisations to keep an eye on the triple bottom line that includes financial, social and sustainability compliance.

All of this means that sustainability and alternative power are not just for when the lights go out.


Feature: Africa rising

Africa is firmly on the map in terms of development and growth. Despite some setbacks as the oil price remains low, some political hiccups and concern about economic directions, there is no gainsaying that the continent is on a forward path. With its youthful population and boundless opportunities, Africa is looking ahead to a brighter future.


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~ Workplace 2020 – Human capital is supposed to be the most important asset within any company. So it’s important that the whole lifecycle of human capital management is understood, from recruitment to onboarding, from mentoring to career development and remuneration.

~ Business 2020 – How to use technology to improve your business. Plus the technology and services that will help you do so.

~ Innovation 2020 – The exciting new developments in technology, thinking, business and ideas that will change the world – or at least part of it – in the future.

~ IT in Government – The systems and solutions that can help government to improve its services to citizens.



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