Personal development coach and a professional speaker Quinton Douman offers sage advice on how to hold on to your enthusiasm and visions of success, and to power through 2016 with your self-respect firmly intact.

taekwandoToo often, the excitement and enthusiasm we have for our goals and ambitions wanes as we’re weighed down by disappointment and disillusionment. The result is that we chip away at our self-respect with each broken promise, failed objective or unrealised dream.

But wait, what if I told you that there are only three decisions that you need to make in order to see your goals through? But, before you get started, you need to define your values, as these will become the foundation for solid decision making and goal setting.

Once you have defined your values, the first decision you need to make is to only commit to goals or projects that are in line with your established values. From there, you can move on to your second decision, which is to plan in advance to engage in activities that add value to your goals, pushing away the temptation to do those other, less productive and time-wasting things we all secretly while away the hours with rather than actually getting things done.

Finally, you need to decide to improve one habit at a time, be it in business or in life. We all know that our daily habits ultimately dictate the results we achieve but what some people forget is that habit formulation is a long process and to give yourself the best chance at succeeding you need to tackle them one at a time.

By repeating a habit for 100 consecutive days before moving on to a new habit will help you build a whole new way of being that is geared towards getting you where you want to be rather than taking you everywhere but.

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