MAN Truck & Bus has a growing user base of over 600 employees and independent dealers that rely on the company’s central IT function to provide every kind of operational IT support requirement.

With the rapid pace of new technologies, and the shift towards more and more users needing support for mobile applications, MAN’s IT team was becoming increasingly stretched.

For MAN to continue its growth within existing sub-equatorial African markets, expand into new regions, and generate a healthy supply of new sales opportunities, the IT team needed to move beyond basic level operational support.


T-Systems was selected to manage the end-to-end processes relating to helpdesk and network support, notes Steven Rauwerdink, Head of IT Process and Quality Management at MAN Truck & Bus SA.

With the phased handover complete on the 1st of July, Rauwerdink explains that a number of technical staff were relocated to T-Systems, where they now have an opportunity to work for a global ICT provider, gain richer experience, and open up unlimited opportunities for career growth.

“As the MAN IT team, we’re now able to reposition ourselves from basic technical support, to a strategic business partner that can design and fulfill our company’s digital transformation ambitions,” he adds.

Rauwerdink explains that for MAN to retain its strong position, the IT division must act as the catalyst for widespread change in processes and approaches, throughout the organisation.

Business benefits

T-Systems Head: Automotive/ MI/, Michael Frans, notes that “T-Systems’ highly mature processes in the area of end-user support has brought global best-practices and efficiencies to MAN’s IT function.”

“Users now receive the highest quality support, to ensure the business runs smoothly, efficiently and reliably,” he adds.

With basic level support now fully outsourced, Rauwerdink’s IT management committee can steer the firm on its path to digital transformation.

However, he says that T-Systems’ involvement goes beyond simply removing the burden of end-user support: “Backed by the two companies’ global relationship, T-Systems’ insights into digitisation, and its deep focus on the automotive sector, have been essential in the professionalisation of our IT function.”

This is immediately manifesting in the area of mobility – where sales staff and service partners are empowered with mobile tools to engage with customers from any location, and move away from outdated processes like physical job cards for vehicle services.

Another important dimension, he adds, is in customer relationship management, where Rauwerdink believes IT can make a massive impact on generating new leads and ensuring client satisfaction at every turn.

“T-Systems has opened the doors to a lot of new opportunities in these areas. By taking a longer-term, partnership approach, and truly understanding our business and our markets, they’ve created a collaborative environment.”

“From this, we’re able to tackle complex projects and put ourselves on course to benefit from the massive innovation that the automotive sector is starting to experience.”

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