Passwords: South Africans putting online security at risk?

Kaspersky says almost a third of South African users admit to writing their passwords down in a notepad to help remember them.

Youth activism inspires next generation of female leaders

Blackboard Africa tackles gender-based violence by inspiring, empowering young girls with leadership skills and practical tools for building a better future.

Techpreneurs: The face of a progressive future

Opportunities exist at higher education institutions in skills development, research and entrepreneurship for women interested in technology.

WFH: The other data breach

To mitigate the daily breach, companies must have open conversations with their employees about confidentiality, especially those who work from home.

Digitalise or die

Digitalise or die

The July issue of Futurewave BusinessIT looks at why digitalisation is important, and the role of your core applications in making that happen. The skills shortage in the South African IT industry is also under the spotlight, along with the changing dynamics in the contact centre space.